Print: Baxter - CL 133  "The Queen" being No 4 from Baxter "Regal Set" of needlebox prints. This being a miniature of CL No. 203 which was published by Baxter in 1848 as England’s Queen. Originally there were 12 prints in this set and then 2 where removed leaving just 10 on the sheet. Although this print appears in both versions we know that this must have come from the original sheet of 12 as when Baxter removed the 2 he also removed the titles, which, as noted below are glued underneath this print

Date: 1850 Size (cm ht x w): 4.6 x 2.5

State: Mounted on cut down old scrap book page, the title has also been trimmed from the needlebox sheet and stuck just beneath the print

Condition: Excellent colours, some very minor, pin head size foxing spots but these only noticeably on very close inspection

The Queen

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