1385 The Ordinance of Baptism


Print: Baxter - CL 93. One of Baxter’s larger and rarer prints. It is said to have been taken from a drawing sent over by friends of the Baptist Missionary Society in Jamaica to the Committee of the Society. It shows the well-known abolitionist Rev William Knibb and a mass baptism that took place at near Brown's Town, Jamaica, in 1842

The following is a description of the print from the Baptist Reporter, 1842. - "It is 4.30 a.m., January 2nd, 1842. While the partial darkness of night reigned o'er sea and land and long before day dawned o'er the ocean and adjacent country the shores of the bay of Jamaica called 'Half-Moon Bay' presented the most interesting appearance. Thousands of persons had congregated themselves; a whisper might be heard. At the hour above-named, Mr. Knibb commenced the service.

One hundred and forty-five candidates were waiting to go down into the water with the pastor. The line of persons entering the water formed into a half-circle, in the centre of which stands the administrator, and one or two leaders or deacons on right and left conduct the candidates to him or lead them back to the shore to the houses prepared for their reception. On this occasion Mr. Knibb was assisted by Mr. Henderson, of the Waldensian Church."


The missionary in the foreground is Mr. Clark, of Brown's Town, Jamaica, who is baptizing the females by total immersion according to the custom of the Baptists. The other farther on in the water is baptizing the males, and a third is on the shore ready to give out a hymn to be sung by the multitude.


Date: 1843


Size (cm ht x w): 28 x 39.5 (print) 47.5 x 58.5 (mount)


State: Unmounted but can be posted with the 1920’s blue and gilt over mount if required. For overseas posting the mount might put this into a ‘large parcel’ range. I can quote with or without on request, please feel free to ask.


Condition: Very good copy, some noticeable loss of colour when compared to the very edge of the left hand side which has been presumably covered by framing since it was printed nearly 180 years ago. Odd small spots and marks

The Ordinance of Baptism

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