Print: Baxter - CL 259 – Produced as an illustration in Suttaby's Le Souvenir for 1849 and also issued separately on Baxter mounts. Under the print is the title, and "Printed in Oil Colours by George Baxter, Patentee, 11, Northampton Square, from a Painting by F. J. Wyburd,"

Date: 1849


Size (cm ht x w): 6.8 x 5.6 (image) 11.5 x 7 (page)


State: On full page with pocket book lettering as issued


Condition: The colours are excellent, a couple of very light creases to the page corners, paper residue to reverse. The lettering appears quite feint but this is because the page lettering is printed from the steel plate in blue as against a brown or black ink which makes the text more defined

The Fisherman's Home - PBL

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