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Print: Baxter - CL 260  - Always a popular print and one of Baxter's four ladies. It is signed between the ladies' dress and the door but due to the dark background is usually very hard if near impossible to read sometimes only seeing that there is some lettering there. Luckily on stamped mount that isn’t a problem. When you can see it, it reads "Published May 19th, 1855, by G.  Baxter, Proprietor & Patentee, London,"


Courtney Lewis in the 1920’s says that this is a member of Lord Londesborough's family but doesn’t say where he got that information from and is taken from a painting by Brooks. Baxter’s 1860 auction catalogue stated that is was “a faithful copy of the painting."  Although I have looked for a copy of the original painting for some years only yesterday someone pointed me in the direction of one of the ‘print on demand’ type retailers that allow you to buy a copy in varying sizes and in various forms being printed from a modern day digital printer but this one says that is a painting by T (Thomas) Brooks. I can now voucher that Baxters copy from nearly 170 years ago is so truly a ‘faithful copy’ I first thought they were offering a copy of a Baxter print rather than the original painting. You have to look closely to see that it isn’t the Baxter’s print, see what you think


But importantly and somewhat disappointingly it does say that it is a private collection. If the owner does see this listing please can you make contact


It was produced from a plate and nine zinc blocks, and was originally sold at 10s. 6d. 


Date: 1855


Size (cm ht x w): 63.5 cm x 50 cm overall size of frame


State: On Baxter’s original stamped mount, over mounted in blue with gold edging and then cream a very popular 1920s style of mounting. This is framed in a modern distressed gilt type finish frame

Condition: The colours are very good with some loss to the reds in the bouquet and pattern of the dress but on this print, they seem to fade very quickly and it is very hard to find one in excellent condition, still very appealing. The frame has just been stripped and the glass all cleaned. Some of the images are of the print unframed during cleaning process.


As with all our larger framed items we can’t guarantee the glass in transit, no carrier will insure it. I will tape the glass and pad with extra cardboard and plenty of bubble wrap etc so should all arrive in perfect condition. If you prefer we can post without the glass or unframed, or I can put the glass behind the backboard, away from the print please let me know. For overseas purchasers please talk to me about the best options

The Bridesmaid – SM – Framed

SKU: 1790

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