Print: Baxter - CL 297 - Surrey Zoological Gardens, exhibiting a view of Edinburgh. Under the print is the title and "Baxter's Patent Oil Printing, 11, Northampton Square,"
This print was issued exclusively in the book. The cheap paper in the book reacts to the higher quality paper of the Baxter print and virtually every copy seen is badly foxed possibly why these hard to find prints are near impossible to find in good condition.
“Zoologically, this print is of interest as a giraffe is shown.  It was, only in the year 1835 that the first of these animals came to our shores.  In that year four of them were sent from Kordofan to the Zoological Gardens.  One died on the way, but the three survivors created great interest, and from them have descended most of the giraffes in the zoological gardens of Europe.”

Date: 1846

Size (cm ht x w): 14 x 9 x 2

State: In book as issued

Condition: The book is in excellent condition, red boards, leather spine with gilt lettering, minor paper split to inner hinge but still very strong. The print is badly foxed, please see above, rare issue but priced accordingly

Surrey Zoological Gardens in Childs Companion 1846

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