Print: Baxter - CL 59 Milo of Crotona rending the Oak and CL 60 The Dying Gladiator. These being the frontispiece and illustration on the title page to Robert Mudie’s 1838 book “Physical Man”


The book states: "Milo of Crotona, a celebrated athlete, who, it is said, attempted to rend asunder an oak which had been shattered by lightning.  He succeeded in his attempt, but his strength failing, the tree, in the rebound, closed upon his hand.  Being alone in a wild forest, lie remained a prisoner, and was destroyed by wolves."  The Vignette of The Dying Gladiator is a famous statue immortalised by Bryon in his poem.


Under the print of Milo is the title, and below that "Printed in Oil Colours by G. Baxter (Patentee), 3, Charterhouse Square, from a Painting by G. F. Sargeant". Some versions have the spelling as just Sargant, this version has the ‘E’


Date: 1838


Size (cm ht x w): 9.4 x 9 (image of Milo) 3.2 x 4.5 (image of Dying Gladiator)


State: Milo is on the full book page as issued. The Dying Gladiator has been trimmed to image with small border including the title but then very attractively over mounted and presented in one gold mount


Condition: Excellent colours

Milo of Crotona rending the Oak AND 'The Dying Gladiator

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