Print: Kronheim – This is Sheet No 16 from the New Hall Vault Sale at Christies in 1987, for full details please see


This was one of the rarer sheets in the sale. This a complete sheet of 6 prints having the reference no’s BT 284 to 289 – The BT meaning the Baxter Times where Kronheim prints were first catalogued in the 1920’s. The titles appear to be in Spanish and Greek (?) or are they famous Ballet dancers of the day? This is slightly strange as all other titled sheets in this sale were in French and presumably printed for the French market. The titles are:


La Cachucha – Esmeralda – Pepita - La Espanala - La Espanala - La Graciosa - Pera Mena


Date: Circa 1860’s


Size (cm ht x w): 32.5 x 38 (sheet) 15 x 9.5 (each image)


State: Full sheet inc registration holes as taken from the press


Condition: Pristine Colours, light toning and nibbling to page edges


Kronheim – COMPLETE SHEET of SIX Prints  - Ballet Dancers - La Cachucha

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