1418 Fruit No. 2 (After Lance)


Print: Le Blond Baxter CL 173 – Baxter originally published this as CL 274 in 1856

Courtney Lewis always stated that in the Le Blond issue the ladybird isn’t coloured, this appears incorrect and in Le Blond’s fully finished prints the ladybird can be found hand coloured, as Baxter seems to have done.

In this print the ladybird is coloured and someone appears to have tested the ladybird with a damp cloth and removed some of the colour as the hand colouring by Baxter or Le Blond was normally in water colours.

The lack of hand colouring to the grapes (again a standard feature on Baxter’s version) and the colouring of the half a peach confirms that this is the Le Blond issue


Date: Circa 1868


Size (cm ht x w): 11.6 x 15.7


State: On card and trimmed to print edge


Condition: Excellent colours with high gloss finish

Fruit No. 2 (After Lance)

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