Print: Le Blond Baxter – CL 142 - Originally issued by Baxter as CL 232 in 1852.


Most probably taken from a picture by the Florentine, Carlo Dolci, with some alterations. There are two version of this print, the earlier rarer version has no nimbus around Christ’s head.


It was produced from twelve blocks, of which at least six were wood and originally sold at 3s.


This print is hard to differentiate 100% between the Baxter & Le Blond Printings. As the print has a matt surface and the foot of the print is slightly trimmed (to remove Le Blond’s signature?) I have described this as a Le Blond issue


Date: Circa 1868


Size (cm ht x w): 20.4 x 16.8


State: Unmounted


Condition: Very good colours, light marks to very edge of print from previous framing

Christ Blessing the Bread (with Nimbus)

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