Print: Baxter - CL 198 - A companion print to No. 197 – Review of the British Fleet at Portsmouth (which we usually have copies of in stock, please ask) both being preparations for the impending war in the Crimea. This prints shows a ‘sham’ / practice battle that took place near Chobham, Surry.

Signed on the left “Published April 24, 1854, by G. Baxter, Proprietor and Patentee". 


Courtney Lewis gives details about the print in The Picture Printer 1924 which refers to: The Times of August  5th, 1853, in a long account, records: "In Catlin's Valley, Lord Seaton proceeded to fight a grand sham battle.  While the retreating squadrons sought more and more the cover of their guns, the contest for the possession of the redoubt grew every moment more severe, and then, with loud hurrahs which made the valley ring, the whole line advanced by brigade, to the charge, which was executed with splendid effect.  The Guards rushed on impetuously on the right and Sir R. England's brigade on the left, and while on either hand they occupied the enemies attention by throwing out skirmishers, the whole Cavalry force, dashing suddenly from the centre, was hurled on its centre and left.  One of these charges in which the whole, brigade joined, the blues and the Scots Greys in the centre, and the Hussars and Light Dragoons on either side, was the finest thing of the kind we have ever witnessed, and electrified every onlooker by its brilliancy." 

The print was produced from a plate and ten blocks, and was originally sold at 3s.


Date: 1854


Size (cm ht x w): 12 x 23.8 (print) 24.5 x 33.5 (frame)


State: On stamped mount as issued, over mounted in cream in modern Hogarth type frame


Condition: Very good colours, a couple of small white marks to the embossed seal

Charge of the British Troops on the road to Windlesham – SM

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