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Over the years I have literally amassed 000’s of duplicate items. I am constantly updating and enlarging my own collection so end up, most probably, with more duplicate items at the end of the year than I started with.


Apart from enjoying my retirement I am working with Baxters most days, buying, researching, writing, and answering the many emails and enquiries I get from all over the world. All this means that loading stock on to the site is far from my main priority. Listing items does take a surprising amount of time but I still manage to list many hundreds of prints every year.


Many of my sales are from people who have asked for specific items not on the site, some I may not have at that time so the details go onto my ‘wants’ list to advise people as and when they become available.


Baxter, Le Blond, Le Blond Baxter, Kronheim, Bradshaw & Blacklock, Joseph Mansell, Dickes, I currently have large numbers of prints in excellent condition from all these printers in stock. Plus reference works and ephemera.


Not seeing what you are looking? I might have sold one yesterday and not listed another example as yet. I might have loaded 10 Mansell prints and the other 90 could just sit there waiting for a good few years before I get around to loading more.


Send me a message via our contacts page or email me on any questions always happy to talk Baxters

Can’t see what you are looking for? We might just have it

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    Orders are individually packed to optimise best possible postage options for whichever country you reside in - We do not charge for packing, postage is at cost - we will email soonest after order to confirm postage and payment details - please feel free to email to get a postage quote

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