Print: Bradshaw & Blacklock 95, one of Baxter Licencees more well known for their Bradshaw’s Guides and Railway timetables. This is a complete strip of ‘needlebox’ prints. Meant to be cut into eight smaller prints to adorn the lids of small boxes holding sewing needles, pins and the like. The No 95 refers to The New Baxter Society B & B catalogue also available on this site. Unlike Baxter, B & B were more commercially minded and printed many of these types of prints for the ticket trade, labels etc as such some examples aren’t as fine quality as can be found in some of their examples on stamped mounts

Date: Circa 1850’s

Size (cm ht x w): 7.3 x 17.4

State: Unmounted

Condition: Light foxing but excellent colours

Bradshaw & Blacklock - Oriental Scenes - Needlebox Prints

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