Print: A small interesting reference work by Ernest Etheridge, secretary of the then Baxter Society and Baxter dealer. This was the first edition which ran for at least 3 years. Gives prices for Baxter and Le Blond prints inc Le Blond Baxters.

The prices are of great interest as it helps signify ‘rarity’ at that time, some are very surprising, like the page illustrated which shows Medhurst valued at £1 5s (£1.25, now worth about £30 - £40) but they show the Victories of Napoleon valued at £1 10s (£1.50, now worth £400-£500 upwards). This map is very rare but perhaps just not considered of any great value 100 years ago as it isn’t a full colour print.

This book was a donation from a Charity shop and now, when sold, all proceeds will go to Tenovus Cancer Care


Date: 1922


Size (cm ht x w): 16.5 x 11 x 0.7 deep – 130 pages + adverts


State: In book as published


Condition: Covers are rubbed but solid, the text block is generally clean and solid but it is virtually detached from the covers, currently holding on the cords only. Priced accordingly and all the monies going to a great cause

Baxter Values 1922

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