1412 Actæon and Diana


Print: Le Blond - LB 46, CL 21 – Le Blond didn’t give titles to this and others on this sheet but it was named by Courtney Lewis in the 1920’s as it obviously shows Actæon and Diana.


Diana was the goddess of hunting and while bathing is seen by the mortal Actaeon. For this Diana turned him into a deer and was promptly chased and killed by his own hounds.


This print is signed on the bottom right near one of the hounds "Le Blond & Co., Licencees,


Date: 1850’s


Size (cm ht x w): 10.8 x 8.1 (image)


State: Unmounted with border showing partial remains of the fabric label which would have shown Yds and £ below


Condition: Excellent

Actæon and Diana

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