Jan 20, 2018

Who printed this




Can anyone help identify this print?

A friend of GeorgeBaxter.com has four colour wood blocks for this print. From his own presses he produced this print. The colours are slightly guess-work, the red flower could easily be yellow instead of red etc.

This is obviously the work of a Victorian colour printer possibly about 1835 - 1880. The names W Dickes, Edmund Evans or Leighton do come to mind.

Has anyone got, or know, this finished print and if so will that help identify the printer?

I look forward to hearing from you


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  • Mic
    Jan 21, 2018

    Can anyone give any information regarding prints by this person, they are normally on card mounts with title and then David Davidson and address below. We know that David Davidson was a publisher in New York in the 1850's but it his 'experiments' in colour printing that we are most interested to hear about, can anyone help?