in 1849 Baxter's initial patent expired and he filed a petition for Patent renewal - the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council heard the case with Lord Brougham in the chair.

Much has been commented in the past about Lord Brougham's involvement and that he greatly assisted Baxter in this case, it also commented that any such comments are unfounded and improper but...

When Baxter had attending the meeting of the Anti-Slavery council to prepare for his proposed (yet unpublished) print in 1844 Lord Brougham had been in the chair.

In the year of patent renewal or perhaps the year after Baxter published the print of the Holy Family and on some mounts states the possession of the RT Hon Lord Brougham. IN 1856 he publishes another of his paintings, Edmund Burke and a similar note can be found on some mounts. Did baxter know Brougham before the hearing? If not he must have had soon after.


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