All information from The Picture Printer by CT Courtney Lewis unless referenced if known

31st July 1804 - Baxter was born at 2:30 to John Baxter and his wife Charlotte, nee Warner (1) and Baptised at All Saints Church Lewes.

Early School at Cliffe House Academy

High School at St Ann's Lewes

After School he work in his fathers business but prefers the artistic side - Baxter's Stranger in Brighton and Directory, published in 1824 has a frontispiece of Brighton Chain Pier which states at the foot "drawn by George Baxter" 

1825 - spends a 'few months' as a wood engraver on London with Samuel Williams (1)

History of Lewes - drwan by GB - Litho dates

History of Lewes / Sketches / starngers dates

Feb 1827 - Baxter moves to London as a wood engraver and printer and operates from Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road

Aug 1827 - " Sussex Advertiser " has a wedding announcement:
" August 23, 1827, at Lewisham, by the Revd. R. T. Lancaster, Mr. Geo. Baxter, engraver, eldest surviving son of Mr. Baxter, printer, Lewes, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Harrild, of Round Hill Cottage, Sydenham, and of Friday Street, London."(1)

1833 - Now had the reputation of being one of the best wood engravers of the period. This greatly assisted by the fact that he could work from scratch i.e. sketch then engraved the work. Many other wood engravers could only copy and not create the original artwork


1 - Baxter Colour Prints - HG Clarke