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ITEMS FOR SALE > Other Baxter Licencee Prints > George Baxter Jr - Set 12 Needle box prints

George Baxter Jr - Set 12 Needle box prints (860)

Print: George Baxter Junior – GB Jr, George’s Son had a short printing career and only produced a small number of different prints. Although not technically a licencee, as he didn''t purchase a licence, he is usually included as such as he did print using his Father''s process in his own right as well as during his period working for Vincent Brooks. This is a sheet of 12 from his only set of needle box prints, although he printed some sets by his fathers process he soon changed to Colour Lithography, (where the images are printed from stone rather than steel plates) of which this is a fine example. For more information please see ‘The Printers’ page Date: Circa 1870 Size (cm ht x w): 15.7 x 9.3 (sheet) State: Unmounted Condition: Excellent


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